Seacrest Beach Florida Weather

Seacrest Beach Florida Weather across all months to include average high’s and low’s as well as the average precipitation. The weather in Seacrest Beach Florida is on average quite nice for those who live in the area full-time and or those visiting the area.

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Seacrest Beach Florida Weather

In Seacrest Beach, during the busy season which begins in March and last thru August, temperatures fluctuate between 51 and 90 degrees. However temperatures have been as low as 23 degrees and as high as 102 degrees.

Traveling for Spring Break? Temperatures in Seacrest Beach, Florida should be between 51 and 78 degrees on average.  If you’re traveling between May and August, expect temperatures between 65 and 90 degrees with a fair amount of sunshine and the occasional thunderstorm. The highest amount of precipitation occurs between June and September but usually occur int he afternoons and blow thru.

But if you’re waiting for students to return to school and the beaches to be a little less crowded, travel between August and October when temperatures range from high 70s to the low 90s in August and then start to taper off and stay between the low 70s and mid 80s in September.

For those of you who travel down to the beach for Thanksgiving in Seacrest Beach, or for Christmas on 30A, temperatures on average between November and December are 44-73 degrees.  And for those we like to call “snow birds”, you can expect temperatures in January to range from 42 to 63 degrees and in February from 46 to 66 degrees.

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